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30in x 40in

Acrylic on canvas


In the year 3002, mysterious mobile suit warrior, Mr. NO LIMIT, defrosts his favorite cryogenically frozen luminaries. After mechanically enhancing them to form a squad of cyborg super-friends, Mr. NO LIMIT time warps with his super-hero crew to save the present…


  • FUNQEST was born and raised in Japan where he was inspired by anime and manga which drove him into the art scene. He is a pop, street and mural artist based in New York and also paints on walls in Mexico. He mostly uses acrylic paints, sprays and pens on canvas. He designs on paper whatever comes up in his head at cafes and in his studio and translates it to the canvas. His arts mostly display at galleries, cafes, and pop-up shows around the US and other countries.


    During years of New York City life, he came across people on the street walking by who made him think that they were manipulated by modern media, social networks and a mass of information. From this point of view, he translates these people into his current art style with the multiple vivid colors and lines which he calls “NOISE” art.


    In addition to the style, “Mr. No Limit” is his imaginary hero who rescues and takes those people and anyone who needs help to the peaceable world.


    Contact FUNQEST


    Instagram: @funqest


  • The easiest way to get this canvas is to pick it up at our Bushwick location. However, we're happy to coordinate shipping to anywhere as needed; buyer pays shipping costs.

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